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Missouri - 2016-17 Season

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SpringApr 18 - May 8Hunters may take only one turkey from Apr 15-21
Two turkeys may not be taken on the same day
Spring YouthApr 9 - Apr 10Open to hunters ages 6-15 on the first day of the season. Youth hunters who are hunter-education certified may hunt alone; otherwise, he or she must be accompanied by a licensed non-hunting adult.
Fall ArcherySep 15 - Nov 11
Nov 23 - Jan 15
Fall FirearmsOct 1 - Oct 31Open in all counties except Dunklin, McDonald, Mississippi, New Madrid, Newton, Pamiscot, & Scott counties.

Additional Information

Bag LimitSeasonLimit
Fall2 either sex
Spring2 male or bearded turkeys
Spring Youth1 male or bearded turkey
Hunting TimesSeasonTimes
Fall Archery1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset
Fall Shotgun1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset
Spring1/2 hour before sunrise to 1 p.m. CDT
Spring Youth1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset
Arms & AmmoTypeDetails
ShotgunIn season only, including .410
Must be incapable of holding more than 3 shells
ShotSize #4 or smaller
ArcheryLong, compound, recurve bows or crossbows
Any draw weight
MiscHand-held string release devices permitted
Illuminated sights, scopes and quickpoints sights permitted
Atlatls permitted